Iamprec Technical Enginneering focus on Metal Casting, CNC machining, Plastic Molding, Stamping, Sheet Metal, MIM, Inserts and Screws.

metal casting

Iamprec Technical Enginneering focus on precision Metal Casting, Machining, MIM, Plastic Molding, Stamping, Inserts and Screws technical and production

  1. Metal Casting: Die Casting in Aluminum/Magnesium/Zamak/Copper, Investment Casting, Gravity Casting;
  2. Machining: 3~5 axis CNC milling, CNC turning;
  3. Plastic Molding;
  4. MIM(Metal Injection Molding);
  5. Stamping and Sheet Metal etc;
  6. Inserts and Screws;
  7. Gears and Speed Reducer


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Email: keviniamprec@gmail.com

Skype: kevin zeng

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