Aluminum ADC12 and A380 is most suit for die casting.

We also doing Aluminum DM6 which can make anodizing with very good visual looking.

Magnesium AZ91D is very common material for die casting;

Zamak 3 is commonest material for Zinc injection;

Copper H58~H62 is useing for die casting and gravity


one molding factory specially making die casting mold. good on car product, home application etc.

we have:

  1.  160T ~800T injection machine;
  2. 60 CNC-milling machines;
  3. 30 CNC lathe machines;
  4. powder painting line and wet painting line;
  5. Micro Arc oxidation for Magnesium
  6. Anodize/ Hard Anodize for Al die casting;
  7. quality machines: CMM, Density tester, gauges, thickness test machine etc.